Martin Eng

Martin Eng
My name is Martin Eng and I’m 26 years old. I come from a small place nearby Oslo, called Nittedal. The small place has a rich tradition of athletes in cross country skiing, orienteering and biathlon. As a small kid I was out in nature with my family and friends a lot; doing things like skiing, ski jumping, football, and climbing trees.
I started biathlon when I was 12 and stopped doing all other sports when I was sixteen. My father is a former biathlete so my first rifle was his old biathlon rifle. I went to a regular school, not a special sports school, and lived at home until I was 20. I started doing well in my sport around the age of fourteen, and was on the National Junior Team for two years. I competed in three IBU Youth and Junior World Championships where my best results were a Silver medal and two 5th places.
When I became a senior level athlete, I moved to Lillehammer because I am more challenged there. My apartment is in the old Olympic Village, which was built for the 1994 Olympic Winter Games. Who knows; maybe some big athletes stayed in my apartment. As a senior I have been a member of the B Team for two years and a member of a private team, Team Akersolutions, for three years. My best results as senior are three podium places in the IBU Cup and 11th and 30th places in World Cups.
This season I’m back in the B Team and will fight hard to make it to the World Cup. The team is really strong and we hope that everyone on the team will represent Norway in the World Cup.
My main goal is to get top 10 results in the World Cup, represent Norway in a relay, and be a part of the World Championship team in Nove Mesto.