IBU Executive Board

IBU Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the Congress and is responsible for the IBU between Congress sittings. The Executive Board acts on the basis of, and in accordance with the Constitution of the IBU, and also pursuant to the decisions made by the Congress.The Executive Board members are responsible for their Committees and their fi elds of expertise. The tasks of the members of the Executive Board are established in the Rules for the Executive Board. These can be found in the IBU Handbook.

DThe most important person is the IBU President. He directs the IBU and represents the IBU in relations with third parties and international organizations. Any contract entered by the IBU must be signed by him and by the Vice-President for Finances. In the event of absence of the President, the First Vice-President acts on his behalf. Further Vice-Presidents are responsible for managing all technical matters of the sport, development matters, medical issues, marketing, information, and special projects.

The Secretary General assists the President and the members of the Executive Board. She is appointed by the Executive Board and is a member without voting rights.

Anders Besseberg - President
N-3320 Vestfossen
Mobile+43 - 676 - 84 14 98 10
Work Fax+43 - 662 - 85 50 50 8
E-Mail 1anders.besseberg@ibu.at

Anders Besseberg began his biathlon career as a Norwegian biathlete and cross-country skier in the UK and Norway. Before the foundation of the IBU he served as an official in the Norwegian federation and as executive board member of the UIPMB, which he also headed as president from 1992 to 1993. He has been the president of the IBU since its foundation in 1993.

Sergey Kushchenko - First Vice President
Address:c/o Russian Biathon Union, Tverskoy Blvd 13/1
123104 Moskau
Russische Föderation
Work Phone+7-495-2292932
Work Fax+7-495-2292936
E-Mail 1sergey.kushchenko@ibu.at

Sergey Kushchenko can draw upon 15 years of sports management experience. He was voted Top Russian Sports Manager in 2002 and Top European Sports Manager in Euroleague basketball in 2005. He served as president of the basketball club Ural Great and as managing director of ZSKA Moscow. He has  been the executive director of the RBU since 2009. In addition he is a member of the Russian Olympic Committee executive board and an advisor to the Russian Minister of Justice. He has been the First Vice-President of the IBU since 2010.

Dr. Klaus Leistner - Vice-President / Finance
Address:c/o Österreichischer Skiverband
Olympiastrasse 10
6020 Innsbruck
Work Phone+43-512-33 501-0
Work Fax+43-512-33 501-35
E-Mail 1klaus.leistner@ibu.at
E-Mail 2leistner@oesv.at

Dr Klaus Leistner has been involved in skiing since 1971; in addition to his role within the IBU he serves as secretary-general of the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV).  He is also the managing director of several companies affiliated with the ÖSV. Moreover he has been involved in a management role in many major sporting events in Austria including the 2005 IBU World Championships in Hochfilzen. He has been the IBU Vice-President of Finance since 2006.

Gottlieb Taschler - Vice-President / Sport
Address:Kressbrunn 112
I-39030 Antholz
Mobile+43 - 676-84 14 98 11
Work Phone+39 – 0474 - 49 23 90
Work Fax+39 – 0474 - 49 23 00

Gottlieb Taschler started out as a biathlete, taking part in many World Cups, World Championships and three Olympic Games. Following the end of his active career, he worked as a coach. He has been part of the Antholz-Anterselva organizing committee since 1994 and its president since 1997, including for the Antholz-Anterselva 2007 World Championships. In 2006 he was elected as IBU Vice-President of Development. He has been the IBU Vice-President of Sport since 2010.

Ivor Lehotan - Vice President / Information
Address:Garbanka 30
Mobile+421 - 9 05 61 84 53
Work Phone+421 - 48 - 4 14 22 97
Work Fax+421 - 48 - 4 14 22 97
E-Mail 1ivorik@gmail.com
E-Mail 2ivor.lehotan@ibu.at

Ivor Lehotan is a sports journalist of occupation and has been a member of the IBU Information Committee since 1998. He is currently the president of the Osrblie organizing committee, where he was also responsible for PR as head of media prior to and during the 1997 IBU World Championships and all World Cups at the venue until and including 2002. In 2002 he was elected IBU Vice-President of Information and thus became chair of the Information Committee.

Vice President/ Development - Vice President/ Development

Thomas Pfüller - Vizepräsident Marketing
Address:c/o Deutscher Skiverband, Hubertusstrasse 1
82152 Planegg
Work Phone+49-89-85 79 02 46
Work Fax+49-89-85 79 02 63
E-Mail 1thomas.pfueller@ibu.at
E-Mail 2thomas.pfueller@deutscherskiverband.de

Following his career as a biathlete, Thomas Pfüller became a qualified sports teacher and national cross-country skiing coach. In 1984 he was appointed deputy secretary-general in charge of young talent in the East German Cross-Country Skiing Association. He has been a member and then chairperson of the professional sport development panel of the German Sports Association/German Olympic Sports Association since 1996. Today he is the secretary-general and sports director of the German Ski Federation (DSV). In addition he has been the managing director of the DSV competitive sports ltd. company since 2005. He was elected IBU Vice-President of Marketing in 2010.

Dr. James E. CARRABRE - Vice President / Medical Issues
Address:309 Jefferson Ave SW
MN 55388 Watertown
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Mobile+1 - 952 - 2 92 47 07
Work Phone+1 - 952 - 9 55 19 21
Work Fax+1 - 952 - 9 55 31 15
E-Mail 1jim.carrabre@ibu.at
E-Mail 2athlondoc@aol.com

James Carrabre has been involved in biathlon since 1982, first as an active athlete and subsequently as a member of the Biathlon Canada executive board. He became a member of the IBU Medical Committee in 1998. He is a medical doctor in a large clinical practice specialised in sports medicine, has a Master of Sports Physiology and has achieved numerous additional sports medicine qualifications such as team doctor certification. In 2002 he took over as chair of the IBU Medical Committee and was elected for the first time as IBU Vice-President of Medical Issues in 2006.

Nami KIM - Vice President / Special Issues
Address:Korean Biathlon Union Volodrome B13
88-2 Oryun-Dong Songpa-Gu SEOUL
Mobile+82 – 10 – 4507 - 4003
Work Phone+82-2-423-11 29
E-Mail 1nami.kim@ibu.at
E-Mail 2namikim7@gmail.com

Nami Kim was an athlete on the South Korean national alpine skiing team from 1986 to 1993. Later she was appointed president of the South Korean Triathlon Union and a member of the IOC. She is the vice-president of the Korean Biathlon Union. She has been the IBU Vice-President of Special Issues since 2006.

Nicole Resch - Secretary General
Address:Peregrinstraße 14
A-5020 Salzburg
Work Phone+43 - 6 62 - 85 50 50 18
Work Fax+ 43 - 6 62 - 8 55 05 08
E-Mail 1nicole.resch@ibu.at

The Secretary General is a non-voting member of the Executive Board, in charge of the IBU Headquarters. She manages the IBU’s day to day business in accordance with the resolutions passed by the Executive Board and the Congress.