Excitement as Competitions Approach; Course Video

28.01.2011, Nove Mesto na Morave / IBU Inf. Dept. TO
IBU Youth and Junior World Championships
Coaches, athletes and officials alike are excited ahead of the first competitions of the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships Biathlon in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic. This highlight of the winter for the next generation of World Cup stars promises exciting competitions, while it serves as a test for the E.ON IBU World Cup that will be held here next winter.


Everything a Little Better

The young athletes are excited and nervous but can hardly wait for the competitions to start at this point. Swedish Team Leader Johan Hagstrom summed it up, “We can feel it in the athletes that this is a championship. They do everything a little better than usual and they are a little nervous.”

Athletes Meet Once a Year

The coaches at the shooting range during the official training today gave off a somewhat nervous and excited vibe themselves. Some of this excitement comes from the fact that it is hard to pick out the favorites. The young athletes only meet once a year; most of them only compete in regional competitions against much smaller fields than here.

Future World Cup Stars

Still, the IBU Youth and Junior Championships have regularly provided an opportunity to see the future World Cup stars. Winners of Junior World Championship medals of the last few years include Tarjei Boe of Norway, Magdalena Neuner of Germany, Svetlana Sleptsova of Russia and Benjamin Weger of Switzerland, all of them topping the World Cup result lists today.

A Lot of Work Ahead

The IBU Youth and Junior World Championships are also interesting in a different respect as this is a first test of the stadium before the E.ON IBU World Cup and the IBU World Championships take place here in the next two winters. IBU President Anders Besseberg commented, “Everything here looks very good and the reports from the coaches about the tracks and the shooting range are very good. So what is most important for the athletes is that the tracks and the shooting range are ready. But there are many other things like new buildings and more space that needs to be done before the World Cup comes here next year. But I am convinced that the organizers will take care of this in due time.”

TV and IBU Supplying Partners

The importance of these championships can also be seen by the increased interest in the event over the last seasons. Several television stations in Europe will broadcast the junior sprint and pursuit competitions live this weekend. In order to provide the young athletes with the best possible equipment, several IBU Supplying Partners decided to spend some time in Nove Mesto in order to help with ski waxing or rifle service.

IBU Assistant Race Director World Cup Borut Nunar serves as Race Director for these Championships. Today, he skied the tracks and described the most difficult portions of the course in the wo-part video below.