Second Relay Gold for Russia in Relay

04.02.2011, Nove Mesto na Morave / IBU Inf. Dept. TO
Ukraine Wins Silver, France Bronze
The youth women’s 3x6K relay at the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships Biathlon in Nove Mesto na Morave was won by the Russian trio of Elena Badanina, Viktoriya Perminova and Ekaterina Zubova. The silver medal went to the team from the Ukraine, Bronze went to France. Neither of these teams had a penalty.

Copyright IBU/Kvetoslav Frgal

The second competition of the day was also won by the Russian team and in the same dominating manner as the youth men won this morning. At the finish, Russia was 1:18.8 ahead of the team from Ukraine and 2:57.1 ahead of France. Russia needed five spares while Ukraine needed nine and France needed eight.

Problems on First Lap

Once again, the start was not as smooth as the Russian team would have liked it. During the long uphill on the first lap, Elena Badanina lost one pole. She explained, “I had to run for quite a long time with only one pole until my coaches could hand me another one. That’s why I was so late when I came to the shooting.”

But Badanina recovered from this little scare, stormed to the front of the field and handed over to Viktoriya Perminova with a 30-second lead.

Slight Shaking

There was only one other time when the lead of the Russian team shook at least slightly. During her prone shooting, Ekaterina Zubova needed all three of her spare rounds to clean. While she was loading her last spare, Iryna Varvynets from Ukraine approached the shooting range. However, Zubova cleaned the last target with her last round and then went on to secure the victory for her team.

No Star

With this gold medal Badanina won a medal in each of her eight starts at Youth World Championship competitions. She still does not like to think of herself as a future star, “I know that this here were mere ‘children’s competitions’ and that I still have a long way to go and a lot of hard work to do before arriving at the top.”

Not Very Exciting

The competition was not much more exciting behind the Russians either. At the first exchange, Niya Dimitrova of Bulgaria was still in a promising second position, handing over to Stefani Popova. However, Popova then missed four targets and the Bulgarian team dropped back while the Ukrainian team manifested itself in second position.

Third place went to France just as unspectacularly and the French were more than one minute ahead of the Estonian team that finished fourth. Fifth place went to Belarus while the Bulgarians managed to finish in sixth.