Russia wins Last Title in Nove Mesto

05.02.2011, Nove Mesto na Morave / IBU Inf. Dept TO
IBU Y/JWCH 2011 Closes
The Russian Junior women’s relay team won the 3x6K relay at the 2011 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships. The team of Aleksandra Alikina, Svetlana Perminova and Olga Galich finished first ahead of the Italians and Germans.

Copyright IBU/Kvetoslav Frgal

Afraid of Wierer

The Russian junior women were in control of the competition almost the entire time. Still, Olga Galich admitted, “I was very nervous today because the Italians have this really strong woman who already won three gold medals here.” But it was not Dorothea Wierer, the Italian anchor, but their leadoff leg Alexia Runggaldier who brought the Italians in first position for a little while after Alikina shot one penalty during the standing shooting.

Anything Can Happen

This little scare was enough for Perminova and Galich and they did not waver once. But Galich still did not calm down despite her lead of over two minutes over Wierer, “This is biathlon and anything is possible so I was still a little bit afraid of her when I was on the tracks.”

However, by the finish she was 1:17.5 ahead of Wierer. The young Italian won the fight for second place only during the last shooting bout. While Wierer came into the stadium behind Carolin Leunig, the German missed one while Wierer cleared after using one spare and went out in second position, accompanied by the loud cheers of her teammates and coaches.

Happy The Competitions are Over

The German team was happy about the Bronze medal, as Laura Dahlmeier, who ran the first leg today, explained, “All of us were a bit tired today and we all are happy that the competitions here are over now. Of course we are very happy that we ended them with a medal.”

The Norwegian junior women finished in fourth place with four penalties. Fifth place went to the Ukrainian team which had two penalties today. The Swiss team rounded out the top six after staying clear of the penalty loop.

IBU First Vice President Sergey Kushchenko then thanked the OC for the good organization of the competitions and declared the 2011 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships closed. Next year’s Championships will take place in Kontiolahti, Finland.