Shooting Is Key for New World Champions

25.09.2011, Nove Mesto / IBU Info PL/JK
IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships
A Saturday evening of medal ceremonies and the some dancing at the Culture House in Nove Mesto na Morave was how many of the athletes prepared for today’s pursuit competitions at the IBU Summer Biathlon Championships. The junior women were first up on another perfect, clear but chilly 11°C day.

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Although the conditions were good, it was a tough day on the shooting range as most of the athletes had at least three penalties.

Gold for Hojnisz

Monika Hojnisz had the best luck with the targets as her five penalties were just few enough to move her up from yesterday’s Silver medal to Gold today, with a time of 30:26.5. Olga Podchufarova who started 54 seconds back showed good form on the tracks and took the Silver medal despite six penalties. Sprint Gold medalist Olga Galich of Russia, 48.4 seconds back had seven penalties today but still managed to take the Bronze medal.

Dakhno Perfect on Shooting Range

Just after the women finished, fifty-six junior men took to the tracks. Again shooting was crucial. Just one athlete Olexander Dakhno of Ukraine managed to escape the penalty loop, yet his perfect shooting only garnered him a Silver medal, 38.2 seconds behind Ivan Kryukov of Russia who had three penalties but still moved to the Gold medal after his sprint Silver.

Kryukov managed to get through the prone stages penalty-free, but then missed one and then two standing shots. Nevertheless this was better than the performance of the World Champion from Saturday Vladimir Golobokov whose seven penalties pushed him down to fourth today, 1:07.7 back.


This gave his teammate Nikolay Yakushov the opportunity, after just one penalty in each shooting bout, to move from sixth at the start to the Bronze medal. Only 16 of the 56 starters finished today, as all except Tomas Kaukenas of Lithuania dropped out after the third loop, were lapped and thus not allowed to finish.