IBU Cup 1 reallocated from Idre to Östersund

15.11.2011, Idre/Östersund / IBU
Lack of snow necessitates change of venue
Due to a lack of snow in the original IBU Cup venue of Idre, Sweden, the IBU and the Swedish biathlon federation have relocated the event to Östersund. The dates of November 25 to 27, 2011 remain unchanged, as does the schedule for IBU Cup 1, with sprint competitions for men and women on November 26 and 27.

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As many nations use the first IBU Cup of the season - traditionally held one week before the first E.ON IBU World Cup - for internal qualification or an initial test round, the event has not been cancelled and the World Cup venue in Östersund has been chosen instead, as suggested by the Swedish federation.

The Idre Organizing Committee will now move to Östersund and the key staff and officials for the IBU Cup will stay the same. Initial concerns that the additional usage might damage the courses to be used for the first E.ON IBU World Cup the following week have been eliminated, as Östersund has a sufficiently large snow depot and since the temperatures in the Central Swedish town have dropped over the last few days.