Klaus Siebert: Biathlon is My Life

07.01.2012, Oberhof / IBU Info JK TV Profile
In life and biathlon, Belarusian coach Klaus Siebert has “been there, done that.” The 56-year old has been in biathlon for 45 years, winning Olympic Silver and World Championships Gold medals in a 15-year career and coaching countless medal-winning biathletes over the past 30 years. Now he is back behind the scope after struggling with cancer for much of the past year.

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Coaching Around the World

Being an athlete was easy for the affable German, but coaching was another story. “I really did not want to be a coach, but after starting as a junior level coach, I am still here.” He brings success to the table regardless of where he is, from Germany to China to now Belarus.” Siebert said he would not still be a coach if it were not for his understanding family, whom he is separated from for long periods of time.

Responsive and Understanding

Technically, he is a shooting expert, not a surprise from a man who won World Championships Gold in the 20K individual. However, it is his responsive and understanding attitude of his athletes that sets him apart. He knows how to delicately push the right “buttons” to inspire an athlete, like his current star Darya Domracheva to become a champion.

Staying in Touch

He asks no more of them than he does of himself. While battling cancer last January, he stayed in touch with his team, following their every move on television. The Belarusian women finished third in the Oberhof relay last January, dedicating their race to Siebert. He calls that “an emotional time” that further inspired him to get well and back with the team. His never-give up attitude inspired Domracheva to say, “He is my hero.” TV talked with Klaus Siebert about his long journey in biathlon.