IBU Cup Flies to Canmore

08.02.2012, Canmore / IBU Info TO
IBU Cup 6 and 7
The IBU Cup break is over; the IBU Cup circuit is making its first “jump across the pond.” The next two events will be held in Canmore, AB, Canada on the upcoming weekend and the following week.

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Flying and Driving

The teams arrived in Canmore with Wednesday being the most busy travel day. The Austrian, Swiss, Russian, Bulgarian, and Moldovan teams arrived today with others like Germany, Norway, Hungary, Netherlands, Great Britain or Finland already here for a few days. Some athletes enjoy a different way of travel, though. Bill Bowler from the US team drove to Canmore from his home in Wisconsin two weeks ago. It’s a 22-hour-road trip but it offers him the flexibility of his own car.

Parade and Competitions

IBU Cup 6 will open with a parade of the athletes on Friday, February 10 and with two sprint competitions for men and women on Saturday and Sunday. IBU Cup 7 will begin on Tuesday with official training and individual and sprint competitions on Wednesday and Thursday.

Canmore is a small town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains east of the Banff National Park and about 110 km west of Calgary. It is famous for hosting the biathlon and cross country competitions of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. It has hosted several other IBU events including Team World Championships in 1994 and the2009 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships. The town of 12,000 inhabitants grows to near17,000 on the weekends as it is a popular year-round tourist destination.