Bjorn Ferry: My Sport, Music and Trees Video

06.03.2012, Ruhpolding / IBU Info JK TV
Bjorn Ferry of Sweden surprised everyone but himself when he won Pursuit Olympic Gold medal at Vancouver in 2010. “I had run that race so many times in my head that for me it was not a surprise… I wrote it as goal 10 years ago.”

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Unique Personality

However, Ferry is not just an athlete. He is a thoughtful, eloquent man who is a truly unique personality in biathlon. He lives in one of the least populated parts of Sweden, with his arm-wrestling champion wife, a new son and a back yard filled with acres of trees. The trees according to Ferry are part of his investment in the future.

As serious as he is about his sport and the environment, the Swedish biathlon star is also one of the funniest men in the sport.

Ferry’s serious and lighter sides come through in the following video, “Bjorn Ferry: My Sport, Music and Trees.”