Gabriela Soukalova Sings “For Your Eyes Only”

18.03.2013, Khanty Mansiysk / IBU Info JK
Music Video from “The Spy Who Loved Biathlon”
Part of the making of the short movie involved rehearsing and finally recording the various pieces of music, including "For Your Eyes Only," with the Gabriela Soukalova who won all three competitions in Khanty Mansiysk.

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Of course, we backed up everyone's favorite biathlon singer with the Bond Biathlon Band consisting of three other biathletes, Jean Guilluame Beatrix on piano, Lowell Bailey on guitar and percussion and Jean Philippe Leguellec on base.

The video includes parts of the recording sessions, plus a few scenes from the film. TV presents Gabriela Soukalova Sings "For Your Eyes Only."

The making off-story
with all the background info on how this movie was made will be in the next issue of Biathlonworld magazine- get your subscription to the magazine here: Biathlonworld

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