Östersund Countdown: Belarus, Austria, Kaisa, Doro and…
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4 days until the season-opening Mixed Relays in Östersund! Beyond the strongest teams, there are many top individuals and nations that battled for the podium last season and surely will again this season. Among those are the Belarusian women, the Austrian men, and top individuals like Jakov Fak, Fredrik Lindström, Kaisa, and Dorothea Wierer.
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Östersund Countdown--Ukrainian Women: Hard Work, Focus
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24 Days until the season-opening mixed relays in Östersund! Like many teams, the Ukrainian team headed north to Sjusjøen for on-snow training earlier this week. They arrived to find temperatures near plus 10 and minimal snow. Assessing the situation, first-year Women's Coach Uroš Velepec said, dryly, "We brought roller skis!"
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1 Month to Östersund; Long Uphill Rollerski for US Men
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Today marks 31 days until the new BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon season kicks off with single and regular mixed relays on November 29 at the Swedish National Biathlon Arena in Östersund, Sweden. From that point onwards until late March, it is all about competitions, recovery small doses of training.
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Karolin Horchler’s Goal: Qualify for World Cup Team
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As the season gets closer and closer, most athletes have already had their first on-snow training. One of the most popular places this October was the Dachstein glacier. The German 1a and 1b women's teams were no exception; having just returned home from Austria.
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Big Year Continues as Katja Yurlova Marries in Austria
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Ekaterina Yurlova's big year of 2015 just got better as she was married to Josef Percht on Saturday at the town hall in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria. Back in March, Yurlova had the first individual podium of her career when she claimed the title of World Champion by taking the women's 15K individual at the IBU World Championships in Kontiolahti. She ended the season with two top 10 finishes at the World Cup final in Khanty Mansiysk; all her best results since 2011. This summer she continued her training plan from last year; training outside of the team under the guidance of her father.
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Rifles: Art, Fashion or Simply Equipment
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A biathlete's rifle is a crucial piece of equipment that, like good skis that can be the pathway to either brilliant success or crashing failure. Of course there are many other factors like talent, fitness, health, and weather conditions that can affect performance. However, the rifle offers one big difference from almost every other piece of equipment that a biathlete has; it can be customized. That customization goes from brilliant colors and designs to sponsor and national team stickers. The possibilities are endless; the rifle sometimes becomes an extension of the athlete's personality.
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Summertime Photos: Adventure, Family, Favorite Places
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As the new season grows ever so near and warm summer days disappear into memory, numerous athletes shared some special photos and thoughts from Summer 2015.
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Lukas Hofer; Amazing Feeling Back on Snow
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Italy's Lukas Hofer stepped onto natural snow for the first time on September 26 atop the Dachstein Glacier; the first time since last spring, "It was an amazing feeling to be back on snow; I felt great from the first step! I felt like I could do everything that we worked on this summer with the roller skis." That was a positive step for the Italian Olympic medalist who missed this camp last fall with a shoulder injury. The injury plus shooting problems resulted in a season that really never got on track.
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Russia Men’s Coach Ricco Gross: Responsible for Success
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Biathlon coaches are always under the microscope; nowhere are coaches more watched by the fans and media than in Russia, where biathlon is a source of pride and success is expected. Last week at the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships in Tchaikovsky, the Russian Men's Head Coach Ricco Gross was the man under the microscope as stood behind the scope in his new position for the first time at an official competition. Gross, the multiple Olympic and World Champion from Germany took over the job in August after coaching the German IBU Cup team last season and before that working with German Women's World Cup team. Now, he is learning how to work with a totally new group of athletes, a new system, and a new language, where he admits, he knows, "a few key words."
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Sergey Semenov: “Starting from Scratch”
Copyright IBU/Mariya Osolodkina
After all of the huge volume and hard work that athletes have put in during the summer, very soon most of the teams will go to their first on-snow training camps. The leader of the Ukrainian National team, who also won the crystal globe for the individual competition, Sergey Semenov is looking forward for the first snow camp as well. He quickly pointed out that the award he received last season was very important and pleasant for him, but now he tries to forget about it. Semenov will start the new season from scratch with new goals.
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