Teams Back in Training; Camps, Running, Cycling
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As the calendar rolled over from April to May, most teams restarted formal training for the upcoming 2015-16 biathlon season. Although, April is a "rest" month, most professional biathletes do not spend that down time sitting around. Rest really means stepping away from formal training and especially, the shooting range. At the end of March and in early in April, athletes were still on the snow; Belarusians snowboarding in Austria, French athletes savoring a few warms days of spring cross-country skiing and Germany's Laura Dahlmeier hiking high in the German Alps.
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Sweden’s Bettan Högberg on Celebrity Baking Show
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Biathlete's hobbies run the gamut from sky-diving and motorcycling to the more passive like painting, knitting or reading. Then there is Sweden's Elisabeth "Bettan" Högberg whose sweet hobby is designing and baking creative cakes. Now she will be demonstrating those talents over on Sweden's TV4 starting on May 21 in "All Celebrity Sweden Baking."
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Battles for Yellow and Crystal Part 2: Darya Domracheva
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The Women's World Cup Total Score title was decided in a nose-to-nose scrap between Darya Domracheva and Kaisa Mäkäräinen until the final day in Khanty Mansiysk. Domracheva wore Yellow for one day December 6, in Östersund, and then ceded it to Mäkäräinen until February 14. From that point, although the Belarusian was in Yellow, Mäkäräinen stayed within 20 points until the Khanty pursuit when with one competition left, declared, "I think Darya has too many points now gap (32 points) in the fight for the Total (Score)."
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Battle for Yellow and Crystal, Part 1: Martin Fourcade
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Now, as training is starting for the 2015-16 season, here is part 1 of a look back at the battles for the Yellow Bib and ultimately, the big Crystal Globe. "My main goal this season was to win the Total Score for the fourth time and I did that," was Martin Fourcade's reaction after placing a disappointing fourth in the Khanty Mansiysk pursuit. Although not on the podium that day, Fourcade had secured the big Crystal Globe on the penultimate day of the season, ending a season-long struggle to retain the Yellow Bib and the Total Score title.
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Wolfgang Pichler Returns to Sweden as Head Coach
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The Swedish Biathlon Federation announced today that Wolfgang Pichler, a consultant last season has been hired as Head Coach.
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Coaching Changes: Velepec Moves to Ukraine
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A big change on the coaching scene in Ukraine and Latvia as April ends with Uros Velepec moving from Slovenia to Ukraine and Vitaly Urbanovičs returning to Latvia.
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Retirement and New Job for Lars Berger
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Just days before his May 1 36th birthday, Norway's Lars Berger announced his retirement from competitive biathlon and cross-country and was introduced as Norway's new biathlon and cross-country coach for visually and physically impaired athletes.
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New Coaching Staffs in Russia
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Just a year after installing new coaches for their World Cup teams, the board of the Russian Biathlon Union in consultation with the Ministry of Sport announced a new line-up for the coming season focusing on young coaches.
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Season Wrap-up with Martin and Dasha
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The 2014-15 BMW IBU World Cup season ended today in Khanty Mansiysk, with Martin Fourcade and Darya Domracheva winning the big crystal globes signifying the World Cup Total Score title. Our “Season Wrap-up with Martin and Dasha” takes a quick look at these final competitions and the big winners at the end of the season.
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What’s In Your Bag?
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This morning, just hours after the season-ending awards and party the whole biathlon World Cup circuit packed up and headed back to central Europe and Scandinavia from Khanty Mansiysk. It took four passenger charter flights and two huge cargo planes to get everyone and their equipment back home. If you ever wonder what some athletes carry on their winter-long odyssey, watch our final short video of the season to find out “What’s In Your Bag?”
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