Types of Events


World Championships (WCH) are held annually, except in years with Olympic Winter Games, for Men and Women.

Youth and Junior World Championships (Y/JWCH) held annually for male and female athletes in Youth and Junior categories.

World Cup Events (WC) 

A circuit of several events in various configurations held annually for Men and Women. Scoring of the WC circuit is based on a system of 60 points (World Cup Scores) for personal performance which are awarded to competitors in each individual competition at all WC events. Additionally, the Nations Cup Score is comprised of points awarded in the individual, sprint, relay and mixed relay competitions. In the mixed relay, half the points are awarded to each gender. These result in the final aggregate score for athletes called World Cup Total Score, and the total Nations Cup Score, which determines participation quotas for nations.


The IBU Cup is the second circuit of events by the IBU and developed from the former Europacup. Like in the World Cup there is a scoring system  for individual athletes and teams. The best three teams not among the 27 best in the World Cup nations score get promoted to the World Cup at the end of the season. In addition, the top male and top female athletes in the IBU Cup Total Score may take part in the World Cup Final at the end of the season, regardless of the national quota.

Continental Championships (CCH) 

They normally are held annually by the various continents subject to rules developed on the continents and in accordance with the IBU Event and Competition Rules. Asian – ACH; Europe – OECH; North America – NACH; South America – SACH.

Continental Cups (CC) 

A circuit of a varying number of events held annually by the continents, subject to rules formulated by the continents and in accordance with the IBU Event and Competition Rules.  North America – NAC, etc.

Regional Cups 

Regional events held for young and developing athletes by national federations. These events are subject to national rules developed in accordance with IBU rules.

IBU World Championships Summer Biathlon (SB WCH) 

Until 2010 the SBWCH were held annually for Men, Women, Junior Men and Junior Women with cross-country running and small bore rifle shooting (= Cross Biathlon) as well as with roller ski and small bore rifle shooting (= Roller Biathlon). From 2010 onwards the SBWCH is held in Rollerski Biathlon competitions.